Crying on my yoga mat

07 - With guest Paulina Rabcewicz

July 27, 2021

Paulina Rabcewicz is our guest this week and she talks about how, in her experience, putting yourself out there, going with the flow, and doing the work to get you where you want to go has worked out for her thus far!

Paulina is a podcast editor and creative director currently residing in Bali with her partner, and their adorable pup Charlie! She is obsessed with Greek salad, and finds joy in the little things of every day. Check out her aesthetic af (double Virgo) Instagram @paulinarabcewicz and be sure to follow her upcoming business over at @sweetp.studios. @francandiris is the anti-blue light eyewear company that she works with. Franc and Iris donates $15 from every pair of glasses sold to a charity, who uses the funds to pay for an eye test and prescription glasses for someone in need in a remote part of the world who couldn't afford it themselves.


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