Crying on my yoga mat

09 - With guest Tilda Ruvinga

August 10, 2021

Tilda Ruvinga, apparel designer & meme aficionado is our guest in this episode! We talk wage disparities & performative actionism in the fashion industry, and she tells us some of the top ways to support small clothing brands/businesses (spoiler alert: SHARE/TAG them on social!).

Tilda created TKbyTilda and makes: cute & comfy clothes that complement every body AND memes that will have you laughing out loud. To buy TK on Etsy, click here. Her Instagram is @TKbyTilda 


During our conversation, Tilda mentioned her friend Kaya - Kaya’s Instagram is @comfygirlcurls & go to to explore her blog! 


August is (coincidently) Black Business month! As Tilda’s experience reminds us, Black women are NOT paid their worth. It’s vital to seek out and support Black (& other members of the global majority) owned businesses alllllll year round.


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