Crying on my yoga mat

05 - With guest Pamela Song

July 13, 2021

Pamela Song joins us this episode to talk about the journey of self acceptance, finding her own voice and how she helps others do the same!

Pam is a Vocal Coach who founded Emberays (Embrace) Vocals from the little red dot in Singapore. In the field of vocal pedagogy, coaching and performing arts, she found her calling to help people gain a better understanding of their body and how to utilise and maximise their voice through vocal coaching.

With a specific focus on vocal health and performance, she has supported and coached many to overcome their vocal issues. Centred around a holistic approach of the mind, body and spirit, she believes that everyone has the right to vocal freedom and should have the chance to develop a healthy relationship with their own voice because their voice is not only important to yourself but the people that depend on you.

Her mission is to empower her clients with the tools to utilise & maximise their voice. In partnership, craft an intentional vocal brand that effortlessly communicates their unique vibe that will resonate with their audience.

Find Pam on Instagram @st.pams

In this, Pam references Episode 04 of Crying on my yoga mat in which I explain an exercise that can be used to help build a better internal narrative (I used it for affirmations)!

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Theme music composed by Sean J Stevens of Harkening Deer. For meditations and further contemplative music like this, visit


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